As we move into a new year we are still unfortunately being impacted by this horrendous virus, with lives lost, businesses going under and disruption on a global scale. We hope with the roll out of a number of vaccines we can approach, with continued caution and resolve, the return to sense of normality... a hug and kiss with family and friends, a drink in your local pub with your besties and a holiday with the chance to explore and envelope yourself in new experieces! Good times are coming. 

In the meantime you can be rest assured we at YT are taking all the necessary precautions in the office to combat this terrible virus, and despite a day or two delay on certain orders, we are still working to full capacity. So we hope to continue to bring you a range of fantastically cute and casual products throughtout 2021 and hope you keep in touch with us and look forward to better times coming very soon!


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